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Industry and Competitive Analysis of a Selected Organization using Porter's Five Forces Model

Words : 1500

Topic: Select an organization with which you are familiar (this can be the organization you are working for or you have worked with, or other public/or a private business organization; it can be a business organisation or an organisation in public sector), undertake the following tasks:

   •   Conduct an industry or competitive analysis using Porter’s 5 forces model. You are also required to pay attention to the purpose of this analysis, the inter-connectedness of different aspects of the competitive forces, the links between the competitive forces and macro-environment, and their overall impact on the industry and the organization selected in terms of main driving forces in the competitive environment.

   •   Describing the processes through which the strategy identified has been developed/formed based on your findings and knowledge/experience. 

   •   Evaluating the suitability of the strategy identified in the light of the outcomes of your analyses on the environment (both macro and industry environments), and the organization’s core competence.

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