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Role of HSE department in reducing accident at workplace

Assignment about role of HSE department in reducing accident at workplace (1500 words)

Introduction (40 words)
Objective(10 words) to identify the role of HSE department in reducing accident at workplace
Literature Review (350 words)
Summarize any theory and evidence relevant to your research objective. It has be on 5 paragraphs only
Research philosophy, approach and strategy (250 words)
Briefly explain your research philosophy , approach and strategy. In particular, comment on what make your research positive, phenomenological or hybrid of both.
Ethical implications of this research (100 words)
Complete the faculty ethical approval process for your proposed research using the fast track ethical approval form. The research be approved by module tutors befor undertaking any primary research.
Research Methodology (300 words)
Explain your research methodology( primary and secondary data)
Illustrate about the structure of your questionnaire
Explain which questions will respond to qualitative and quantitative data
Explain about the tools of analysis
Analysis and finding (350 words)
Analyze your results in relation to your research objective and attach the raw data collected in questionnaire.
Analyze the qualitative data from your research. Briefly summaries and analyze the key themes and issues arising from your responses.
Analyze the quantitative data from your research. Give a summary and brief analysis of the results for each questions.

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