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Government PR Consultant report

Words : 3000


You have been appointed as a Public Relations (PR) Consultant for National Government (choose a

Country that you know well). As a professional commanding consultancy fees, the expectations of

what you can deliver is high and as such you need to fulfil a broad remit covering the whole

spectrum of PR. Your appointment needs to be justified to many parties who wish to scrutinize

your understanding of the benefit that PR can bring to Strategic Decision-making, Policy-making,

Reputation-management and Public Affairs. Your specialism is engagement with diverse audience



 30% - Knowledge and understanding of public relations theory and practice

 30% - Explanation of the role of a PR Practitioner via the creation of a well-researched,

practical PR Plan

 30% - Creativity & Originality (provision of a bespoke and unique solution to an issue)

 10% - Presentation (structure, referencing and use of language)

Part 1

1. Critically analyse the role of a PR Professional, comparing and contrasting between a

Department (in-house) and Agency/Firm (external) and including key principles within

morals, ethics and the values-system

2. Offer insight into how the organisations processes and procedures can be enhanced with

reference to theoretical PR models, current issues such as social mobility and current trends

such as digital media

3. Suggest different approaches to improve the organisations reputation with various

stakeholders. Identify a minimum of 3 groups to include employees, the wider general

public and one diverse audience group of your own choice. Detail why it is important to

engage with each group individually and also how you might consolidate your messages into

one tone of voice whilst maintaining individual message delivery

Part 2

4. Prepare a Research Strategy detailing how you can engage at a deeper level with the diverse

audience group of your own choice (question 3). Detail how new information will improve

managerial decision-making and who may be appointed as a Campaign Spokesperson

5. Write the overview of a PR Plan based on your Research Strategy. Clearly state the

objectives and the goals along with the PR solution that it provides and the length of the

campaigns execution (no financial budget is required)

6. Apply Campaign Planning principles to your PR Plan by creatively suggesting a possible

communication message. The message needs to resonate with your diverse audience group

and be communicated via the most appropriate medium (state why this medium is most


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