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A social Intervention

Words : 3000

Assignment brief below : -

Title                  A social intervention

Objective : This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the numerous social marketing issues which face society by applying their knowledge gained on this module over the term to a specific social issue.


You are required to choose a contemporary social issue on which to base your assignment. (ANTI Gambling in Singapore) Target Audience : Youth

This issue should already be the subject of social marketing campaigns and interventions and may be within any relevant social marketing context where there is already a clear emphasis on achieving behavioural change for both individual and societal benefits to be accrued.

You are advised to take plenty of time to research a number of potential social marketing issues before making your final choice and consult your lecturer if in any doubt about the suitability of your choice of context. Collect as much information as possible on your chosen focus in order to allow you make your appraisal as complete and as detailed as possible.

Your report should make use of appropriate frameworks and mechanisms from the module and include the following:

o   An analysis of the social issue
o   A critical evaluation of a current, contemporary intervention designed to address the social issue
o   An appraisal of the outcomes of the chosen intervention
o   A proposed change or modification to any aspect(s) of chosen intervention plan as a result of your appraisal in order to consolidate its efforts to address the social issue

The maximum word count will be 3000 words +/- 10%.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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