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Event policy exam questions

Words : 4000

1. What is the rationale for events and festivals being ‘used’ as a mechanism

for the achievement of wider social outcomes, and how does this differ in

different geographical territories?

2. Which ideologies and discourses underpin the rational for, and subsequent

formation of, policy with respect to events and festivals across alternative

geographical territories?

3. Who gets to be counted as a stakeholder and what roles do stakeholders play

in influencing policy decisions, and what power relations are in operation

that act to include and exclude some interests over others?

4. Why are cities across the world adopting an events-led strategy as a key

facet of their urban policy objectives?

5. What value do cities receive from aligning their events and festivals

programme to their wider destination band promotion effort?

6. How are ideas of consumption, commerce and entrepreneurialism

accommodated alongside notions of citizenship, community and culture with

respect to the intention and outcomes of event policy?

600-700 words answer for each question

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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