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Career Action Plan

Words : 1500

You will be investigating intern or graduate job opportunities to determine the expectations of employers and the industry requirements. You will then reflect on your own skills, experiences and gaps in your knowledge and skills and how you will aim to meet those standards. You will produce a personal review and plan, using business formatting and language.
There are three required sections for the assignment, described below.

   •   Research and select an internship (or similar) or your dream graduate role. Investigate the industry expectations of your selected position.
What skills and knowledge are expected? Consider presenting this in two parts:
   •   Personal soft skills (e.g. teamwork, enthusiasm)
   •   Job specific knowledge and skills (e.g. database management, customer service, bookkeeping, event management, social media campaign analysis)
Suitable methods for addressing this section and suggestions for suitable sources will be covered in seminars 1-2.
Suggested word count: 400 – 500 words

   •   Review your current capabilities, discipline knowledge and areas where you are developing skills or knowledge.
   •   Complete the assessment tools in Career Guru and the Chandler Macleod sites. Make sure you save or take a screen shot of the results. Prepare a list or diagram showing your key findings. Full copies of these will be presented in your appendices.
   •   Review your experiences and identify relevant experiences and results that showcase your abilities. Note that you will have the opportunity in seminars to discuss these in groups, but suggestions may include community or volunteer activities, school leadership roles, sporting activities or casual work.
   •   Review your academic performance to date. Are there any units where you have done well, shown specific abilities, or particularly enjoyed?
   •   Discuss your key findings clearly demonstrating your strengths and areas for improvement.
In seminars 1-3 you will be introduced to a number of self-assessment tools and activities.
Suggested word count: 500 – 600 words

   •   What skills, experience and knowledge do you need to develop?
   •   Describe the skills and knowledge that you need to develop to meet industry standards.
   •   Propose strategies for developing your skills and knowledge. These may include academic studies, selecting a relevant major, work experience opportunities, volunteering, etc.
   •   Provide a timeline for the development of your skills and knowledge over the next 12 months.
Examples and suggestions will be covered in seminars 2-3 and in the group work covered in the seminars.
Suggested word count: 500 words

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