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Analysis of the article - Automotive Brand in Sultanate of Oman: Customers Perspective

Assignment : Evaluating a Journal Article

In this first assignment, you have to prepare a 2,000 critical analysis of a given article from a peer-reviewed journal. You need to critically evaluate the article from a theoretical perspective and consider the practical implications using examples based on the Omani market. In order to provide more focus and direction, two key areas have been identified for you to discuss using examples from the Omani market. You need to use two other related journal articles (selected by yourself), to support your discussion.

Journal Article on ‘Automotive Brand in Sultanate of Oman: Customers Perspective’

One of the key deductions from the article on automotive branding by Amitha KN et al (2013), is that there is a strong correlation between customer loyalty, brand value and the achievement of competitive advantage in the Omani automotive market.

The Task:

With reference to the Omani automotive market, and using relevant examples, critically examine and discuss this viewpoint.

Please, note the following:

   •   You must use at least two other journal articles for your discussion
   •   Your arguments must be balanced and supported by marketing literature on consumer behaviour, branding and competition
   •   You must demonstrate and apply your marketing knowledge
   •   Your references must reflect a balance between academic and internet sources

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