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Branding and Social Media Strategy for Phillips to succeed in Oman market

Words : 2500


“In September 2013, part of the multinational company Philips was sold to Japanese buyers. Whilst Philips is a Global

Brand, your task is to consider a Branding and Social Media strategy for the Oman Market”.

Further information can be found at:

and the Times 100 source for the following case study at:

You will review the information regarding this sale from the above and search for other sources. Your role is to determine what branding approaches would be appropriate for the Oman market. Your individual assignment will develop propositions, based on relevant Branding and Marketing theory enabling the company to develop the brand that would be successful within the Oman market. You need to especially consider the conclusions within the case study (above link), and determine whether the conclusions are appropriate for the Oman consumer.

It is important that your evaluation uses fully journal articles relevant to the topic, and the majority of these i.e. more than half must have been published after 2008. For this assignment, whilst text books may be useful for guiding principles, they will be not be considered relevant for referencing and underpinning of theory.

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