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Management report on external business environmental factors

Words : 3750

Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization** within one of the following industry/sectors***:
1. Human health and social work activities (Q)
2. Financial and insurance activities (K)
3. Programming and broadcasting activities (J60)
4. Fishing and aquaculture (A03)
[An organization profile must be included in your submission as “Appendix 1”.]
This report should assess the impact of external business environmental factors on the organization and evaluate the organization’s position and responses. In the case of a large organization it is permissible to confine your report to part of the organization. An organization’s activities may range beyond the designated industrial sector in which case the focus of your report must be on the organization’s activities within the designated sector.
* You are advised to write between 3.500 and 4,000 words and the word limit is 4,000 words. This word limit does not include the title page, the executive summary, the contents page, the organization profile, tables, diagrams, appendices or references. You must include an accurate a word count on your title page.

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