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Strategic analysis of Burberry

Words : 2500

Case study
Students should refer to the Burberry Annual Report for 2015/16. (http://www.burberryplc.com/documents/ar-15-16/burberry_annual_report_2015-16).
In this document and other supporting documents found on the company’s web-site, Burberry reviews its previous performance and puts forward strategic proposals for the future.
The assignment requires a critical assessment of Burberry’s strategy for achieving competitive advantage.

Assignment task(s) This assignment requires you to analyse Burberry’s strategy and make recommendations for the future.

Task 1 – 40 Marks Conduct an environmental analysis of the industry of which Burberry is a part using appropriate frameworks and concepts from the module.

Task 2 – 40 Marks Critically evaluate Burberry’s corporate and competitive strategies using supporting evidence from both corporate literature and your own research into the company.

Task 3 – 20 Marks Produce your own strategic recommendations for Burberry PLC with justification.
A report format should be used for this assignment and should be structured as follows:
 Title page. 
  Contents page 
  Executive Summary/Introduction 
  Chapter or section for each question 
  References(using the Harvard system) 
  Appendices (if necessary

Assessment criteria Specific criteria are in the Grading Matrix for this assignment, which is attached below.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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