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Why Business Models matter

Words : 2500

It is not only important to be able to understand what is a Business Model as well as how they are used in business, more importantly we should understand in the first instance WHY Business Models Matter?

“Business model” was one of the great buzzwords of the Internet boom, routinely invoked, as the writer Michael Lewis put it, “to glorify all manner of half-baked plans.” A company didn’t need a strategy, or a special competence, or even any customers—all it needed was a Web-based business model that promised wild profits in some distant, ill-defined future. Many people—investors, entrepreneurs, and executives alike—bought the fantasy and got burned. And as the inevitable counterreaction played out, the concept of the business model fell out of fashion nearly as quickly as the .com appendage itself.

Critically analyse the article and write a 2500 word essay citing evidences to support your critique. The attached assessment criteria gives you an idea of the expectations of this assignment.
Use the havard style of referencing.

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