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Customer relationship management in the tourism and hospitality industry

Words : 4000

Assignment task - Customer relationship management in the tourism and hospitality
Students are required to select an organisation in the Tourism or Hospitality Industry and prepare a
4,000 word report discussing how a customer service strategy is developed within their chosen
organisation as well as how customer relationship management is implemented and customer
service evaluated.
The organisation should be researched with particular reference to the following areas:
 Customer service strategies
 Customer relationship management
 The evaluation of customer service

Students are required to conduct relevant and adequate primary and secondary research on the
chosen organisation. The student should therefore be able to visit the selected organisation.
Students should include a brief introduction to the organisation they have selected in terms of the
size, customers, services, products and future plans.
The following areas should be evaluated in detail supported by examples quoted from the selected
Development of a customer service strategy
 analysis of customers’ needs,
 specifying organisational customer service standards
 ensuring coherence with other strategies and activities
 designing an aftercare programme and obtaining stakeholders’ commitment
Management of customer relationships
 defining the scope and uses of a CRM
 managing a responsive CRM,
 ensuring coherence of a CRM strategy with other activities
 addressing CRM-identified procurement and customer service issues
Evaluation of customer service
 developing a customer service evaluation plan,,
 using appropriate evaluation methods to identify strengths and weaknesses
 developing measures to improve customer service
Students should demonstrate application of theory and knowledge to their chosen organisation and
ensure they have addressed the assessment criteria for the unit.
The analysis should be concluded with detailed and well-justified recommendations; relevant
examples can also be quoted. The secondary research undertaken should be appended to this

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