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Old vs New DNA Marketing

Words : 3000

This paper requires you to choose a company who is using old style marketing and research how they can integrate new marketing DNA

Layout of a report
   •   — Title page (including student’s name and ID)

   •   — Contents page – ideally you should include as part of this a list of appendices

   •   — Executive summary and introduction
An executive summary is usually written in the past tense and should include:
-A statement of/background to problem topic
-Report’s aims
- Key findings summarised
- Key problem solutions summarised
- Key recommendations summarised

Introduction to the issue:
Justify the suitability of the chosen company, which should be using mainly old marketing DNA.
Provide clear background information to set the context of the report and the problem or opportunity for your chosen company.

   •   Main body, divided into sections or chapters which are clearly labelled

   •   — Conclusions

   •   — Recommendations

   •   — Implementation plan (if relevant)

   •   — References – only cite texts which you did use, not every text you read during your programme of study

   •   — Appendices


Use headings and a numbering system to give clarity and structure to your report.

When bullet points are used, ensure that you explain them.

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Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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