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All social policies are embedded in theoretical paradigms

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Step by Step – Social Policy Rocks my W orld...
• Step One – Agenda setting and issues identification
• I am writing it inn simple way, in further slides there is everything
explained clearly.
• Its just an example of the policy– like when tsunami came in india, housing problem was the issue which arise from it, and then giverment made policy related to it in order to recover people.... Take a policy related to education here in indian context ( means in india country) which government made and which was issue main regarding it, why government made this plicy, what is this policy,you have to identify the issue.what is the effect of policy on people,negative and positive both, what theory behind it- (ie. Structural/functionalist,, post-structuralist etc).
• etc..
• What is the budget, what is the outcome

Step 1 – Issues identification and agenda setting
Clarify the issue and understand how to put it on the policy agenda
Two steps:
1. Obtaining a clear understanding of the issue or problem:
• What is it? How important is it? What is its scope? 2. Placing the issue on the policy agenda
• Commanding the attention of policy-decision makers • Understanding factor/actions to achieve this attention
Step 2 – Policy analysis/review
• Define relevant policy
• Analyse context (theoretical, social and economic, political and institutional)
• Define policy impacts
• Define policy costs and financing
• Explore policy options (local and international, past and present)
Step 3 – Consultation and Coordination
•Consulting with broad range of people (including those impacted by policy area)
•Can provide useful knowledge (about issue, possible solutions, extent of political support for change)
•Can act as vehicle for gaining support, limiting opposition
•Consultation process often criticized
•Coordination: Ensuring coordination processes between different layers of govt understood/dealt with during policy process
Step 4 – Policy decision • Making a formal decision
• Often involves legislative change
• Consider structures and procedures of government
• Budget and election times special opportunities for influencing decision making

Step 5 – Policy implementation and evaluation
• Examination of elements of policy to determine responsibility for delivery, kinds of instruments to be used, organisational and administrative issues involved in policy delivery, resources required, status/symbolic issues affecting policy’s acceptability
• Evaluate programs and impact

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