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One Year Marketing plan

Words : 2750

You have been asked to produce a marketing plan for an existing company which faces stiff competition in the marketplace. The purpose of the marketing plan is to help this company to achieve growth, an increase in their sales and market share in the following year. You may create and/or make any necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this marketing plan.
DETAILED ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION Please select ONE (1) brand from the following:
a) Canon
b) Lenovo
c) Starbucks
d) Nando’s
e) Perodua
h) Coca-Cola i) Pampers j) Vaseline
You are then required to choose ONE (1) existing product (or product line) for the chosen company in a particular country. You are required to write a marketing plan for the chosen product (or product line) to help the company achieving their marketing objectives.

48-72 Hours
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11+ days

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