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Systems thinking theory and practice assignment

Question 1 (100% marks)

You are strongly advised to use the AOU e-library to locate additional relevant resources which can support your analysis and argument. This will earn you extra points.

Read through the attached article “Using System's Thinking to Analyze Health Care in the US”, as you read through the article, create one Spray diagram to summarize the different ideas of the article respecting the conventions, and techniques. It is advised that students submit hand drawn diagrams as opposed to computer generated ones. Photocopies of diagrams should not be accepted. Reflect on your diagram in no more than 200 words. (15 Marks)

Based on what you learned in T205A (T552/Diagramming), and on the content of the article, draw a System Map diagram to show all the components of the “US Health Care System”. The system map should include all the components of the system paying special attention to the grouping and the hierarchy. Reflect on your diagram in no more than 200 words (15 Marks)

Based on what you learned in T205A concept file 02, and T551 Linear Programming:
Describe what is meant by systems thinking. (Word Count 400; 15 Marks).
Analyze the type of situations discussed in the case; justify your answer based on what you learned in T551 linear programing (Word Count 400; 10 Marks).
Assess the validity of applying each of the three ways of thinking (causal, logical, and reductionist) for understanding the problem discussed in the case. (Word Count 500; 15 Marks).
Analyze how and whether applying the systems approach to the problem in the case can improve and enlighten understanding (Word Count 400; 20 Marks).
Using a systems’ approach, and relying on concepts covered in concept file 02 assess the benefits and limitations of turning to a government sponsored health care system in the US. (Word count 350, 10 Marks)
(2000 words) (70 marks) (Please see guidance below)

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