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Individual Policy Analysis

Words : 4000

You are required to submit an individual policy analysis that utilizes concepts from the conceptual framework presented in the course. The idea of a policy brief is to demonstrate you have learned to leverage the content of this class to conduct an analysis of a chosen policy problem. As with the concept map, this has been designed to allow you to progressively develop your paper as you encounter new content from the course. If you work on this paper each week, you will drastically reduce the stress of end of course submissions. Please note that the word limit is tight so do not select a topic that is unmanageable or that cannot be deeply analysed. Smaller scale is better. For the focus of your policy brief, you may choose a policy problem in which you are interested. Your analysis must include: i) a section which describes the problem and identifies clear causal factors to be targeted in a policy intervention, ii) an analysis of the main stakeholders involved (and explication of their perspectives) brief acknowledgement of any other stakeholders who might prove to be obstructive in the face of change, iii) a section which describe the policy intervention (policy mix) with a justification of why each tool is needed to solve the problem and why this tool will be effective, and iv) a section that considers implementation challenges and puts forth strategies for enhancing implementation success. The word limit is 4,000 words (not including references, footnotes, figures, and tables).

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