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Questions on few Law Acts

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This paper provides answers to the following questions – <br />1. UK – Provide a brief synthesis of the Digital Economy Act 2010, and in particular sections 9-10 of that Act.<br />2. UK – Summarise and critically discuss the issues in the current High Court case between Paramount Pictures and others against BT in the context of online file-sharing and copyright infringement by Newzbin2.<br />3. EU – Explain briefly the liabilities and responsibilities already imposed by the EU's E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC), Articles 12/ 13/ 14, which deal with the liability of ISPs in respect of the mere conduiting/ caching/ hosting of web content, and how these can be compared with the provisions of the DEA 2010<br />4. USA – Explain briefly the "safe harbour" provisions in the USA's Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 in comparison with the above, with reference to recent case law on this subject. <br />

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