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Rabobank Diversity management case study

Number of Words : 3044

Number of References : 9


 Executive Summary on challenges in managing diversity in workforce
 Introduction about the company
 HRM issues facing the company
 Reason for the selection of this issue
 Analysis of the issue in managing diversity the origin
 Strategic approach to be adopted and implementation strategy
 Leadership role and issues
 List of references


This report analyses the case study of Rabobank which is a financial service provider in the Dutch market. Rabobank is facing the issue of <b>managing diversity</b> in its workforce. The approach of the management towards the employees from ethnic minorities is under doubt and concerns have been raised regarding the ethnic minorities being segregated into lower position. The issue has been looked at closely to find out the possible reasons and consequences for the same. Strategic approach and implementation strategy has been recommended to tackle the given issue so that the productivity of the organization can be enhanced and the situation of ethnic minorities can be improved as well.<br />

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