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‘Radical leadership’ Case study analysis

Number of Words : 2564

Number of References : 16


 This paper analysis the ‘Radical Leadership’ case study and provides answer to the following questions –
  There are many theories of leadership. Discuss, justify and explain one theory your team feels applies to Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco Group.
  The text discusses issues relating to Contemporary views on Leadership. Describe and justify Ricardo’s approach to leadership based on these contemporary views and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of his approach.
  . Investigate the current organisational structure at the Semco Group and evaluate how it relates to the Contemporary organisational designs as given in your text. (10 marks)
  At Semco there are no organisational charts … no written rules or policy manuals. Accordingly, examine and appraise the issues that could arise relating to:
 1 Departmentalisation
 2 Chain of Command and
 3 Span of Control


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