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Management report analysing the reasons for the reduction in productivity of a five star hotel in India

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  Current scenario of the Indian hotel industry
  Causes of decline in productivity
  Management plan to redress


The hospitality industry is a several billion dollars industry depending on the availability of leisure time and disposable income of citizens in a country. The sector covers a wide range of hospitality units including restaurants, hotels, etc. with each unit containing multiple groups and sub-groups such as management, marketing, human resources, facility maintenance, direct operations, and so on. The importance of the hospitality sector can be evidently recognized. A substantially larger portion of the economy of a nation can be significantly determined by the effectiveness and success of its hospitality sector.<br /> This paper addresses the broad picture of the hospitality sector in India, with particular reference to the efficiency and operationality of the food and beverage sector. The current scenario in the Indian hospitality industry is a little complicated as it is going through a phase of transformation. Most of the leading players in the hotel industry are suffering considerable profit falls while others are complaining of major decline in net profit. In this context, a quality check in the food and beverage sector is also significant. Because the hotels are witnessing noticeable decline in the productivity of food, which can play a deciding role in the overall profit fall. Before going into further details, it is necessary to look into the food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry of the country.<br />

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