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Assignment on Recruitment and Selection practices at University of Management and Technology (UMT)

Number of Words : 4485

Number of References : 13


  Strategic importance of Recruitment and Selection
  Introduction of UMT
  Recruitment and selection practices at UMT
  Evaluation of the recruitment and selection process at UMT
  Dominant perspective in Recruitment and Selection Practices


The ultimate purpose of Human Resource Management (HRM) in an organization is to ensure the achievement of organizational objectives in the most efficient and effective manner. To achieve this purpose HRM coordinates different HRM functions such as attraction, recruitment, selection, retention, development and training of employees. All these functions are important and play their part in achievement of overall organizational goals. However, organizational performance and efficacy of all other functions of HR primarily depends upon the kind of stuff it hires, thus recruitment and selection function warrants much more importance and attention.<br />

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