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How to evaluate the recruitment and selection strategies of an organisation and the dangers of using such strategies

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 Introduction 2
 Various concerns for recruitment 3
 Recruitment and selection strategies 4
 Dangers of using the strategies 8
 Conclusion 11
 References 12


As we all know, the effects of globalization and improvement in technology have been far reaching and intense. Its effects on the recruitment practices and methods used by the companies are well documented by researchers. For the companies, they provide an increased database of candidates to choose from who can offer them the most desirable characteristics at very reasonable compensation (Tipper, 2004). For the candidates, it provides a huge number of opportunities and choices of companies to take choose and take advantage of in order to enhance their career growth in their field of interest and at the same time, creating more value for themselves. Below, we examine the most common practices of companies when they recruit candidates and also study the potential dangers that are associated with these practices.<br />Having seen the importance of recruitment and selection strategies of organizations and how beneficial they are, there is a need to look at some of the common strategies used by the companies. However, before this, there is a need to identify the various factors that influence these strategies briefly so that we get a clearer picture of the reasons behind the strategies followed by the organizations. As in any business activity, the main driver or aspect that needs to be constantly kept in mind is money. Even for recruitment strategies, budget concerns play a major role and the definition of the recruitment process for the HR function of a business that encompasses all their concerns can be aptly defined as “How do I find the right candidate with the required qualifications as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible costs?” (Russo et al, 1995)<br />

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