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Reflective report on communication betweem registered nurse and a teenager being admitted to hospital for surgery

Number of Words : 968

Number of References : 4


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Watch the following interview between a registered nurse and a teenager being admitted to hospital for surgery. At least 5 communication techniques are used in the interaction and these may be verbal and or non -verbal techniques.
 Use the reflective cycle (Gibbs 1988) you have learnt about in the course and complete a reflection on this interaction in your professional e-portfolio. Identify the communication techniques used and discuss how the nurse in the video demonstrates these techniques, positive and negative aspects of the communication and any suggestions you have for improvement. Discuss any age related considerations that you think would be important for the nurse to consider.
 The 800-word reflection should cover the points below:
 Please note that the breakdown of the sections below is offered as a guide only and is flexible provided you keep to the overall word limit of 800 words.
  Introduction (100 words): State an overview of the interaction and identify at least five communication strategies used by the nurse. Give a brief overview of the stages of the reflective cycle you will use for your reflection.
 Your reflective cycle will provide a framework for this section of the reflection.
 Description (50 words): Briefly explain how the nurse demonstrates these techniques in the interaction.
 Feelings (50 words): What do you think the nurse and the patient were thinking and feeling during the interaction.
 Evaluation & Analysis (400 words): This is where you consider what was good and bad about the interaction. You will need to draw on your understanding of communication strategies to explain the link between what is observed in the interaction and the communication strategy. Discuss briefly the positive or negative aspects/age related considerations noted in the interaction and support/justify your discussion with reference to at least 1-2 sources of current evidence-based literature.
 Action Plan (100 words): Consider what else could have been done differently and if you were involved in a similar interaction in future what elements would you use or change.
  Conclusion (100 words): Briefly restate the interaction observed and your interpretation of the positive and negative aspects of the communication strategies/techniques used by the nurse.


Nurses can have huge impact on the patient’s experience of health and healing by their communication approach and their behavior (McBride & Tietze, 2015, p.31). There are various communication strategies, which nurses can use to provide quality care to patients. Some of the communication strategies are oculesis, kinesics, paraphrasing, clarifying and listening with openness and awareness (Souza & Arcuri, 2014, p.37). The report discusses how the nurse used these strategies to interact with the patient and analyzes its effectiveness.<br />

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