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Relationship between leadership theory and the notion of personal, group and organisational change

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 You will prepare a report which presents:
                Introduction (100 words)
                A theoretical discussion (500 words) (literature review) of the relationship between leadership theory and the notion of personal, group and organisational change. The review will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the theories of leadership presented in Modules 1-4.
                Identify a leadership area of interest (200 words) – identify your personal growth areas in ONE of three areas related to the  leadership issues:
               1.    The environmental context of leadership ;
               2.    Ethics and social responsibility; and
               3.    Managing diversity /Workplace diversity.
 During Assessment 1 you had the opportunity to identify one of these three areas of interest in which you will take a deeper investigation. Select an area of interest then ask yourself, ‘what is it I need to learn in order to be a more effective leader in this area?’. Describe why you have chosen this issue and identify a more specific topic that you will investigate within this area of interest.
                Gap analysis (300 words) using relevant diagnostic tools and theories to
 The gap analysis will include the three aspects:
 o   Skills – refer to self-assessment tools provided in your textbook or study materials. This is about building your leadership capability. You may choose develop a specific skill or a package of skills that are relevant to your area of interest.
 o   Knowledge – what are the areas I have to learn about? Refer to theory and wider research. Focus on ONE of the three leadership issues. Take a specific focus. Include one paragraph that introduces your leadership issue and your specific area of interest around this issue
 o   Abilities – Can I do it?  This is involves the application of your knowledge where you will critically reflect on experience. Take a specific focus. comparison
                Identify the most relevant leadership theories (200 words) for your own leadership development and their potential for your future success
                Develop learning goals and action plan (with timeframe) (200 words) that clearly states: ‘What do I need to learn and develop in order to practice more leaderly behaviour in the context of emerging leadership issues and challenges?’ 
 Your learning goals should follow the SMART guidelines, that is, set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.


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