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Report analyzing the key market segments, target segments and critical success factors of Loreal

Number of Words : 1790

Number of References : 8

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 Introduction 2
 About L’Oréal 2
 Key Market Segments of L’Oréal 2
 Critical Success Factors and Targeted Market Segments of L’Oréal 3
 Analysis of L’Oréal’s Marketing Mix 4
 Conclusion 7
 References 9


This report is prepared on the basis of following criteria - <br />Your work will be assessed on your ability to:<br />Present a clear overview of your chosen brand/organisation and identify key market segments.<br />Identify and prioritise critical success factors (CSF’s), targeted market segments, on the basis of market evidence.<br />Demonstrate an understanding of the individual components of your brand’s existing marketing mix.<br />In light of the key CSF’s and the target markets you have identified offer clear and reasoned justification on future decisions on each of the elements of the marketing mix (7P’s).<br />

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