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Report on Branding Program for Samsung

Number of Words : 2589

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 3
 About Branding 3
 About the company and its Target Audience 4
 Importance of Brand Image 6
 Brand Essence of the Chosen Company 7
 Branding Strategies Adopted By the Company 8
 Measure and Evaluate Brand Equity for the Chosen Product 9
 SWOT Analysis, Points of Parity and Differences 10
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


With the increasing of technological innovations in different sectors and industries, it is become essentials for every mobile sellers to innovate new sort of brand in the market. The main notion of the study is to provide an overview of the branding strategy of a mobile selling company to show how it incurs the market share. Every study has got some importance and they are conducted in order to gain the theoretical as well as the practical implication of the topic. In the same this study will help us to gain knowledge about the practical along with the theoretical implication of the branding. One of the important aims and objectives of the propped is that it will help to know the importance of the branding and will help to gain an insight about the different roles of a brand manager. To carry on the study we have selected Samsung mobile as it got the most of the market share and the company also got a global recognition. One of the most important roles of every manager is to work for the betterment of the company which will in the long run helps to gain profit. This latter part of the given study will help to gain an insight about the role of a brand manager a brand manager along with the different branding strategies applied by Samsung to stay in the competition.<br />

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