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Report on Branding strategy Of Nike

Number of Words : 2653

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 3
 Concept of Branding Theory 3
 Branding Strategy for Consumer Marketing Is Important For the Survival of a Company 5
 About The Company 6
 About The Shoe Industry 7
 Critical Evaluation how Branding strategy for consumer marketing is important for the survival of Nike 8
 Branding theory used in Nike in Oman 9
 Conclusion 11
 References 12


In this given study we will be talking about the concept of branding theory along with that will also discuss about how branding strategies in applied by the Nike in Oman to get hold of the Oman consumer market. Thus based on this one of the main objectives that comes out is to evaluate hoe branding strategies effect a business and company. Brand is notion that comes in the mind of the patrons which is considered as a common thought. An enterprises itself doesn’t produce a brand rather it generates tools, actions along with the courses that provide the assistance for the introduction of a successful brand in the target market. Branding theory comprises of the most important facets which are mainly development, value proposal along with that proper brand positioning (Ruzzier, 2010).At the concluding part of this given research study several idea will be produced about the theory involved. Along with that the conjecture will be sensibly applied to the company selected named as Nike in Oman to see how they uphold their brand image in the Oman market. On the basis of the research some of the positive and negative aspect of the Branding theory applied in Nike will also be discussed. Therefore on the whole the study will help to produce an initiative about the brand theory applied in Nike to see the customer response <br />

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