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Report on business issue at Alizz Islamic Bank Oman

Number of Words : 4502

Number of References : 8


 Introduction 3
 Background of the Organization and the Industry- Alizz Islamic Bank 3
 Problem Statement 5
 Analysis of the Problem Situation 6
 Recommendations 13
 Conclusion 17
 References 18


Organizational success and failure depends on the external and internal environmental factors. The external factors, which can influence the organizational performance includes political and economic conditions, social conditions, competition and changes in the customer demands. The internal environmental factors, which influence the organizational performance includes its structure, system, strategies, processes and human resource management. Organizations have to constantly enhance its core competencies by bringing effective changes in the internal environment. Alizz Islamic Bank is one of the organizations, which failed to recognize the internal inefficiency, which affected employee performance and led to dissatisfaction of the customers. The bank focused on few elements such as good infrastructure and systems but the other elements of the organization had a negative impact on the organizational performance, which in long run can affect the business of the organization. The report discusses the factors leading to the issue using systems approach, which enables the bank to identify the root cause of the problem situation. The report also provides recommendations to overcome the identified issues.<br />

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