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Report on business issue at Siemens

Number of Words : 4053

Number of References : 5


 Introduction 2
 About Siemens 2
 Statement of Issue 3
 Analysis of the Issues contributing to the Issue 4
 Inefficient Processes 5
 Lack of IT Infrastructure 6
 Poor Human Resource Management 8
 Recommendations 9
 Conclusion 13
 References 15


Organizational success and efficiency depend on the impact of internal and external forces. The organizations today have to be highly responsive to the changing market conditions to gain competitive advantage in the market. The external forces such as competition, changing and increasing customer demand, political and economic conditions have a direct impact on the performance and strategy planning of the organization. The internal forces include structure, culture, work processes, system, strategy and human resources, which should be changed depending on any external forces or have to be changed due to the growing inefficiency in one of the department. Organizations should constantly analyse the external and internal environment to identify the need for changes in any of the elements in the organization. The organizations mostly tend to ignore the inefficiency within the organization and continue to follow the same practices and strategies, which can in long run lead to business issues and financial issue. Siemens is one of the leading companies, which deals with core fields of automation, electrification and digitization. Its Oman Operations has not been able to perform effectively due to various internal factors, which in long run would result in inefficiency among the employees and inefficiency in the system, which can in future lead to operational losses and reduction in talented employees. The report analyses the factors leading to the business issue and also provides recommendations to overcome the issue.<br />

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