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Report on circular economy principles

Number of Words : 3786

Number of References : 25


 Executive Summary 2
 Theoretical Perspective of Circular Economy 4
 Introduction to Circular Economy 4
 Circular Economy: the Concept 4
 The Characteristics of Circular Economy 6
 Importance and Benefits of Circular Economy 8
 Circular Supply Chain in Circular Economy 9
 Circular Economy and Job Creation 12
 Practical Perspective of Circular Economy 13
 Averda and Waste Management 14
 Averda’s Creative Ideas 16
 Benefits of Circular Economy in Averda 17
 Paper Creation 17
 Pollution Reduction 18
 Health Benefits 18
 Works Cited 19


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />Purpose of the Assessment<br />The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to present the fundamental principles of the circular economy and critically discuss how the adoption of circular economy principles can help organisations and related supply chains to increase their economic, social and environmental performance.<br />Assessment Task<br />You are required to discuss how companies that adopt circular economy principles increase their economic and social efficiency and minimise their environmental impact.<br />More specifically, you are required to write a report that provides two perspectives of the topic above: A theoretical and a practical perspective. <br />

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