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Report on contributory factors leading to organisational conflict

Number of Words : 4383

Number of References : 35


 Introduction 3
 About the company 3
 Theories of leadership and management 4
 Organizational objectives and structure 5
 Perspective of the key stakeholders 6
 Conflict among the stakeholders 8
 Causes behind changes in an organization 11
 Need for effectively managing changes 12
 Strategies to manage organizational change 13
 The hard systems model of change 13
 The Soft Systems Model of Change 14
 Difference between the hard and soft systems models of change 14
 Factors to account for incase of soft systems approaches to change 15
 Conclusion 17
 References 18


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />Team working and organisational structure may be contributory factors leading to organisational conflict.<br />With specific reference to an organisation of your choice and recognising the interests of the key stakeholders, identify and discuss possible conflicts which may arise. You are also required to evaluate how conflict between these elements may help or hinder the achievement of organisational goals.<br />50%<br />“Soft systems approaches to change emphasise not just the content and control of change but also the process by which change comes about. They require consideration of the cultural and political aspects of organisations as much as the structure and systems”. Senior & Fleming: (2006)<br />Determine in what situations, it is either appropriate or inappropriate to employ soft systems methodologies.<br />50% Considerations: you should follow these guidelines to help you plan your<br />answer<br /> Definitions, theories and examples surrounding leadership and management.<br /> Definitions, examples and theories surrounding goals, objectives and structure from a range of sources.<br /> Identify and discuss organisational goals and individual goals from the perspective of the key stakeholders.<br /> Evaluate how the organisation can fulfil its main business objectives while recognising the interests of the stakeholders and the community in which it operates. Exploring the differing viewpoints and considering how they may be at conflict with one another.<br /> Discuss in general terms the difference between the hard and soft systems models of change.<br /> Discuss the factors that should be taken into account when considering soft systems approaches to change.<br /> Use of references to contemporary texts and organisational examples in order to underpin ideas and points described.<br /> Greater credit will be given to work showing originality and a holistic approach to the task and reference to current organisational examples to support the points made.<br /> You will be assessed in accordance with the Edinburgh Napier University assessment criteria.<br />

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