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Report on Corporate social responsibility and Business ethics of Bank Muscat

Number of Words : 3125

Number of References : 20


 1. Introduction 3
 1.1 Bank Muscat- Company profile 3
 1.2 Objectives of Study 3
 2. Corporate Social Responsibility 4
 2.1 Analysing Organizational CSR 4
 2.2 Evaluating Organization’s application of CSR in relation to Stakeholders 5
 3. Business Ethics 7
 3.1 Critical Analysis of Ethical Practice in Bank Muscat 7
 3.2 Evaluate the theory in Organization with regards to following Stakeholders 8
 4. Conclusion 11
 References 12


This study aims to investigate the corporate social responsibility and business ethics of bank Muscat. It would be achieved by analyzing corporate social responsibility (CSR) with respect to Friedman’s theories in relation to stakeholders and evaluating the organizational application of CSR in relation to stakeholders. It would further detail the critical analysis of the ethical practices of the Bank Muscat with the help of Kant’s ethical theory. This would then be used to evaluate the business practices of the bank towards its respective stakeholders namely employees, customers, suppliers, society and government. <br />

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