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Report on Differences and Similarities of Leadership and Management

Number of Words : 1969

Number of References : 8


 Executive Summary 2
 Differences and similarities of leader and manager 4
 Understanding the differences between management and leadership 6
 Identification of a leader within our group 7
 Planning, Organizing and Decision making 8
 Reference List 10


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />1. According to John Kotter, “Management and Leadership both involve deciding what needs to be done, creating networks of people to accomplish the agenda, and ensuring that the work actually gets done. Their work is complementary, but each system of action goes about the tasks in different ways”.<br />Identify and Explain differences and similarities between a Leader and a Manager? Use the article by John Kotter on Leadership as a starting point. You are required to review at least 3 other academic sources to address this task. (8 marks - Report)<br />2. As a group identify any one individual that the group thinks is a Leader. The Individual can be from any profession. Using the concepts that we have studied in class justify why the group thinks that this individual is a good leader. (4 marks - Report)<br />3. Comment on the Planning, Organizing and Decision making processes that your group went through in doing this Assignment. (Maintain a journal as evidence). Apply the concepts that we have studied in class. (4 marks – Appendix of the Report)<br />

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