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Report on eBusiness

Number of Words : 4074

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 2
 E-Business 2
 Drivers and Potential of E-Business 3
 Technology Infrastructure of E-Business 4
 E-Business Models 5
 Implication of Online Retailing 7
 Working of Search Engines and Online Payment Systems 7
 Emerging Concepts in E-Business- Online Auctions, Social Networks and Online Service Models 8
 Evaluating Effectiveness of and Barnes and 9 9
 Barnes & 11
 Evaluation Criteria 12
 Content Quality 12
 Currency 13
 Contacting Customer Support & Privacy 13
 Conclusion 15
 Self-Reflection 16
 References 19


This report answers the following questions - <br />1. Explain what e-business is and what its origins are <br />2. Assess the drivers and potential of e-business <br />3. Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying technology infrastructure <br />4. Explain the different e-business models <br />5. Appreciate the implications of online retailing <br />6. Understand how search engines and online payment systems work <br />7. Discuss emerging concepts such as online auctions, social networks and online Services models. <br />Also, <br />Compare and contrast two e-business ventures under various criteria. <br /> Both ventures need to have full transactional abilities. <br />

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