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Report on High Performance Working (HPW) at Oman Arab Bank

Number of Words : 3610

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 3
 Literature Review- High Performance Working 4
 Existence and Impact of HPW in Oman Arab Bank 7
 Conclusion 11
 Recommendations 11
 References 13
 Appendix- Action Plan 15


Management of human resource needs to be effective in order to achieve success and sustainability of the organization. High Performance Working (HPW) is an approach of managing the employees such that the human resource practices and outcomes are aligned with the organizational goals. The key characteristics of HPW systems include employee engagement and empowerment, which enables the employees to carry out different work processes effectively. High performance working systems require the right fit among information, people, technology and work processes. High performance working systems enable organizations to adapt to changes easily and also achieve competitive advantage for long-term. OAB includes some HPW practices such as selective hiring, training and development programs and high compensation but the bank has not adopted these practices in entirety, which has not enabled it to achieve high performance. By encouraging employee involvement and empowerment, conducting variety of training and development programs to enhance different skills and by improving the performance evaluation system the bank will be able to utilize employee skills effectively and achieve sustained high performance.<br />

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