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Report on High Performance Working (HPW) at OOREDOO OMAN

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 Case of Ooredoo oman executive summary
 executive summary
 Literature Review
 Self managed team working
 High compensation on good performances
 Reduction of status differences


The concept of High performance working is a coherent approach to manage people in order to achieve a productive operational gain into a business. In the globalization era, leading organizations adopt this concept to achieve a sustained competitive advantage to companies. The organizations which adopt this concept are referred to as High Performance Work Organizations (HPWO). These terms may be unknown to some businesses but the practice of high performance working is not new in those businesses. According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, there are nine key dimensions associated with the concept of high performance working. These nine key characteristics are given below:<br />Employment security and internal labor market<br />Selective hiring of new personnel<br />Extensive training, learning and development<br />Mental attachment of employees to organizations in terms of involvement and participation into a business matter<br /> Self-managed teams and decentralization of decision making as the basic principles of organizational design. <br />Comparatively high compensation contingent on organizational performance<br />Reduced status distinctions and barriers, including dress, language, office arrangements, and wage differences across levels. <br />Extensive review, appraisal of the work done by the employees and adopt some career development initiatives.<br />Flexible and comfortable work culture for the employees to allow them to keep a balance between personal life and professional life. <br />

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