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Report on Leadership Approach of Sultan Qaboos Hospital Oman

Number of Words : 5797

Number of References : 18


 Introduction 2
 Leadership Approach of Sultan Qaboos Hospital 2
 Exploration of the theory 6
 Benchmarking the Organization Leadership with Best Practice 8
 Recommendations 13
 Conclusion 14
 Reflection of my own Leadership 16
 References 20


Organizational success or failure depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of various internal factors, which includes its leadership style. Organizational leadership style enables it to establish effective practices, strategies and most importantly influence the leaders and followers to work effectively towards achieving the organizational goals. Every organization adopts a different leadership style depending on the context and the values, beliefs and attitudes of the top management. It is essential for the organization to adopt an effective leadership approach since it directly influences the performance and motivational levels of the employees. This report critically analyzes the leadership style of Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Oman. Sultan Qaboos Hospital is secondary care hospital in Dhofar state capital of Salalah, Oman and has the capacity of 450 beds (MoH, 2014). The hospital is operated by Oman’s Ministry of Health and has multidisciplinary department. It acts as the referral point for 35 primary health care centres in Dhofar (MoH, 2014). This report also analyzes the hospital’s leadership approach against the best practice and in the end provides recommendations for further improvements in the leadership approach. The report also provide reflection of my own leadership approach.<br />

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