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Report on Leadership at Oman Arab Bank

Number of Words : 3376

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 2
 Background of Dr. Clare Grave’s Value System Theory 2
 Value and Leadership System and Structure at Oman Arab Bank 5
 Evaluation and Analysis of Leadership Issue at Oman Arab Bank 7
 Some Conclusions about Leadership 10
 Conclusion 11
 References 13


Motivation can be defined as the process, which initiates and maintains goal-oriented behaviour (Mabey & Lees, 2007). Individuals when motivated carry out certain task out of interest and on its completion it provides them sense of achievement and satisfaction. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs identified self-actualization as the most important motivational need of individuals in an organization, which involves achieving growth in their career and skills and getting an opportunity to carry out challenging tasks, which provides increased satisfaction to the employees and also provides a sense of achievement (Rhoades, 2010). Dr. Clare Graves identified that with changing life conditions the motivational needs of individuals evolve and the value system of individuals and the organizations also change to address the challenges of new life conditions (Beck & Cowan, 2014). The report briefly discusses the value system theory and analyse the value system and leadership approach of Oman Arab Bank. The report also evaluates the leadership challenges faced by the bank and in the end provides some conclusions of about leadership according to the author of this report based o module learnings.<br />

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