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Report on Marketing Orientation of Walmart

Number of Words : 2458

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 2
 Wal-Mart’s Market-Orientation 2
 Customer Orientation 2
 Competitor Orientation 4
 Inter-functional co-ordination 5
 Organizational Culture 6
 Long-term creation of shareholder value 7
 Conclusion 8
 References 10


Organizations today operate in a highly competitive environment, which requires them to ne market oriented to achieve sustained growth. Market-orientation enables organization to develop and deliver products and services, which the customers need and which provides them increased satisfaction (Zhou et al., 2009). Market-orientation enables the organization to align all the internal elements in a manner that they can respond effectively to the external environmental forces such as competition, changing customer demands and technological advancement (Morgan et al., 2009). Market-oriented organizations are more effective in implementing effective and different strategies as they develop a culture wherein the employees are capable of responding effectively to different situations (Zhou et al., 2009). Wal-Mart is a multinational retail company based in America and operates chain of discount stores hypermarkets and grocery stores.<br />

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