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Report on OHSMS Performance standards

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 Need for OHS Performance Standards
 Crane & Hoist Operation
 Consultation & Communication in OHS


Occupational health and safety is an important organizational initiative that aims to minimize work related injuries to employees and damages to property or equipment. Occupational health and safety would also aim to create awareness among all the employees working in a hazardous work atmosphere of the possible risks to life and health of workers as well as to safety of equipment (Maguire, 2006, p62). Over the years occupational health and safety has evolved to be a work culture rather than just compliance to industry safety standards and practices. The effective safe work culture is also aimed at promoting safety and health even outside the working environment with an intention to ensuring healthy and productive workforce that would serve the organization or industry longer (Maguire, 2006, p53). Having said that just awareness of risks would not be enough to prevent accidents and damages to property and workforce. Proper procedures, policies and standards are required to make all the employee groups such as workers, supervisors and managers come under uniform safety policy and in ensuring uniform safe work practices throughout the organization. This report examines the need of occupational health and safety performance standards. The report would also discuss the safety acts that are in place concerning crane and hoist operation in Western Australia. The paper will also discuss the need for communication and consultation in promoting safe work culture within the organization. <br />

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