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Report on Operation management of Ooredoo Oman

Number of Words : 2546

Number of References : 12


 1. Introduction 3
 2. Main Body 4
 2.1 Operation Management Decision Areas 4
 2.2 Three Key Operation Management decision areas, present activities of Ooredoo Oman on key decision areas and ways to improve performance of Ooredoo Oman 5
 2.2.1 Quality Management 5
 2.2.2 Capacity Design 6
 2.2.3 Inventory Management 7
 2.3 Relation of Quality Management to Financial area of Ooredoo Oman 9
 3. Conclusion 12
 References 13


Operation management is the decision making for the operation functions and transformation system. It is a conceptual framework of decision for operation management. The decision areas have short term and long term influence on organizational capability to produce goods and services. Operation management has responsibility for five major decision areas such as quality, capacity, workforce, inventory and process to demonstrate the use of decision framework of Ooredoo organization. Ooredoo Oman is the leading telecommunication company of Oman (Pinho, 2008). Ooredoo Oman was founded in the year 2004 it has launched as challenger mobile operator in Oman presently operating under the name of Nawras. This report illustrate the case study and case analysis of operation management decision areas of Ooredoo telecommunication company to recognize and illustrate the significant operation management decision areas such as quality management, layout and process design of Ooredoo Oman and analyze the current operational activities on the selected decision areas to increase the organizational capability and performance (Bayraktar, Tatiglu & Zaim, 2008). It also analyze the relation of operation management decisions to the other field such as finance, strategy and marketing area to evaluate the way in which both areas should subjugate to improve the efficiency of the organization.<br />

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