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Report on the internationalization of retailing and strategic considerations influencing retailers’ plans for international expansion using the example of Walmart, Best Buy & Marks and Spencer

Number of Words : 4956

Number of References : 24


 Executive Summary 03
 1.0 Introduction 03
 2.0 Literature Survey
  2.1 Modes of Entry 05
  2.2 Timing of Entry into a Market 06
  2.3 Geography of the Market 08
 3.0 Theoretical Framework and Data and Empirical Analysis 10
 4.0 Policy implications 15
 5.0 Conclusion 16
 6.0 Appendices 17
 7.0 References 18


Based on a case study approach this paper tries to get insights on the recent trends and the strategies which retailers are using to expand their business across the borders. We have considered the strategies related to the entry mode in the market, Timing of entry and the considerations regarding the geography of the market. In order to test the importance of these considerations we have taken different examples of experiences related to entry in the Asian markets by the three western retailing firms’ viz.Wal Mart, Marks and Spencer and Best buy .The study is based on the secondary data that was available. The paper has found that the mode of entry and geographical considerations play a more important role in the strategies related to Retail Internationalization than the timing of entry. The paper also have found that the mode of entry should be such that it should address to requirement of local knowledge .The study also establishes that in the cultural distant nations the need for knowledge about the local taste and culture plays an important role in the success of a firm. The strategy selected for entries by the three firms have been analyzed and the outcomes of their strategies have formed the base of the study. <br />

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