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Report on the operations strategy of Starbucks

Number of Words : 4898

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 4
 Operations Strategy 4
 Product and Service Design 6
 Process Design 8
 Planning and Control 9
 Innovation and Improvement 11
 Supply Chain 12
 Quality Management 14
 Recommendations and Conclusion 16
 References 18


Operations management involves managing processes, which produce and deliver the products and services desired by the customers. Operation management involves monitoring and controlling processes, which transform the input resources such as information, raw materials skills of people in to finished product or service, which add value to the customers. Operations management involves various activities such as product and service design, process design, planning and control, innovation and improvement, supply chain and quality management. Management of these activities and effective utilization of various resources enables organizations to carry out its operations efficiently. The efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of an organization lead to its success and profitability as seen in the case of Starbucks Corporation, which is world’s largest coffee house chain. Starbucks is one of the most successful coffee houses in the world and has an effective operational strategy, which has enabled it to expand its business successfully across the globe. The company adapts to the needs of the local people and also adds unique value of the brand, which has enabled it to build a strong brand image in the consumer’s mind. Product and service design and process design is unique and flexible, which has enabled it to expand its business across the world and enabled it to develop a taste for its coffee among people with different cultural background. The company believes in adopting new technologies and offering innovative products and services to create increased value to its customers. It has used latest technologies to enhance its process of engaging with its potential customers and involve them in the design process. The company’s supply chain has further enabled it to deliver products and service on-time. Starbucks has maintained quality in sourcing its materials and stocking and supplying them, which has enabled it to provide the customers with unique experience but it needs to further improve the management of in-store services, which is affected due to increasing employee attrition. Starbucks need to focus on effective employee engagement and allow the employees to work at its different locations, which will enable the employees to show their talent and gain increased experience and get more career growth opportunities. This will enable the company to retain talent and ensure delivery of quality service to its customers, which is an important part of operations.<br />

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