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Report on The use of Strategic Directions in events of Sports Industry

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Number of References : 12


 Introduction 2
 Importance of Strategic Direction for Organizations and Events 2
 Strategic Directions in Events of Sports Industry 5
 Conclusion 9
 References 11


In today’s highly competitive and complex business environment having a vision or strategic direction of increased importance to the success of an organization. Strategic direction is achieved by an organization by visualizing success, devising a plan to achieve success and implementing it utilizing the available resources effectively can lead to sustained growth (Hill & Jones, 2012). An organization can have a strategic direction by analysing internal and external environment, defining business and mission statements, setting corporate objectives, quantifying goals and framing strategies based on it (Adair, 2010). . Strategic direction enables the organization to utilize the resources effectively and apply strategies, which are aligned with organization objectives. The report discusses the strategic direction in sports events of sports industry.<br />

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