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Report on Waterfall Vs Agile Methodology

Number of Words : 3386

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 2
 Rationale for the Topic Chosen 2
 Waterfall Vs Agile Methodology 3
 Issues 9
 New trends 10
 Advantages and Disadvantages 11
 Conclusion 13
 References 15


The development methodologies in the software engineering are essential to structure, plan, control and monitor the process of developing an information system. There are different development methodologies having different approaches and suited in different contexts. The initial development methodology in waterfall methodology, which has been successfully used for several decades, which has a sequential approach in developing a software or executing a project, which is not very effective in today’s volatile environment where the requirements of clients change quite often. Agile development methodology was introduced to overcome this issue of sequential approach wherein the project is broken down in to small chunks and are worked upon by different teams and tested at every stage and if the requirements have changed are immediately added to it making it cost-effective and enable on-time delivery and increased customer satisfaction. The report discusses and compares both the methodologies. The report also discusses the issues and new trend sin the methodologies along with their advantages and disadvantages.<br />

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