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Research Methods Assignment on Elder Abuse

Number of Words : 1250

Number of References : 5


 This paper is based on the following requirement -
 Elder abuse is a serious, common and under recognized public health problem. When abuse is detected it seems logical that patients are managed, referrals made early and adequate follow-up arranged. However, lack of familiarity with protocols managing abuse could hamper this process. Richardson et al reported an education intervention to improve knowledge and management of elder abuse among healthcare professionals. The paper was published in the Age and Ageing and a copy of the article is attached.
 Your task:
 There are two sections in this assignment. For each section there are a series of questions to answer. Work though the questions as listed, numbering your answers to link with the question numbers.
 Your solution should exceed no more than four (4) pages.
 Section A
 Read the paper by Richardson et al. Comment on the strength and weakness of the study by answering the following questions:
 What was the objective of the study?
 (2 marks)
 What is/are the outcome variable/s of interest?
 (2 marks)
 Was the study design used appropriate to answer the research question?
 (2 marks)
 State two (2) biases that may occur when this study design is used.
 (4 marks)
 Do you agree with the authors’ conclusion?
 (5 marks)
 Section B
 Abuse among the elderly has yet to be studied extensively in this region. This might be due to the Asian culture of keeping things under wraps as filial piety is greatly valued. Among the healthcare professionals lack of familiarity with protocols when managing abuse in our health care settings could be one of the reasons why this issue persists. Describe the design of a study that you might perform to examine similar hypothesis (as Richardson et al) here in Malaysia.
 You are not expected to produce a full protocol for this study. Using general knowledge and the paper that you have read, answer the following questions:
 What type of study design would you choose and why?
 (3 marks)
 Describe how you would recruit your study participants.
 (5 marks)
 Describe how you would assess the outcome status
 (2 marks)
 In a logical sequence, list the appropriate dummy tables you will use to analyse your data
 (5 marks)


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