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Essay on Resource Profit tax in introduced by Australian Government

Number of Words : 3775

Number of References : 14


 1. Introduction 3
 2. Highlights of the proposed RSPT 3
 2.1. Subsequent Developments 7
 3. Application of the political cost hypothesis theory to RSPT 7
 4. Reactions of the Stake holders 8
 4.1 Reactions of the mining companies 8
 4.2 Reactions of the opposition parties 9
 4.3 Reaction of the labour unions and workers 9
 4.4 Reaction of Capital Market to the Resources Super Profit Tax 9
 4.5 Reaction of the Federal Government 9
 4.6 Reaction of the Finance sector 10
 5. My personal Opinion on Resources super Profit Tax 10
 6. Applications of Theories of Regulation to Stakeholders Reactions 11
 7. Reaction of Capital Market to the Resources Super Profit Tax 12
 8. Conclusion 12
 References 13


This essay is based on the following requirements – <br />In May 2010, the Australian government announced its plan to impose the Resources Super Profits Tax. The imposition of the new tax would result in a significant increase in the effective tax rate on mining companies.<br />- Briefly review the initially proposed Resources Super Profits Tax and its subsequent developments.<br />- Explain the reasons why the federal government proposed the Super Profits Tax on the mining sector using the political cost hypothesis.<br />- Discuss the mixed reactions of various stakeholders (eg. miners, workers, the finance sector, unions, the federal government, the opposition etc) to the Resources Super Profits Tax using the theories of regulation.<br />- Explain the reaction of the capital market, shares of listed mining companies in particular, to the Resources Super Profits Tax and its subsequent developments using the capital market research<br />- What is your opinion on the Resources Super Profits Tax? Justify your opinion<br />

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