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Report on RFID Technology and Supply chain Information system significance & impact

Number of Words : 5299

Number of References : 21


 Executive summary on Supply chain Information system
 Introduction on RFID technology uses
 Cambium-Forstbetriebe and RFID
 RFID: An overview
 RFID: Critical views
 RFID and Wood supply chain
 Benefits of RFID systems: Some case studies
 RFID: Expanding the horizon
 Overview of supply chain Information system
 Architecture of supply chain information system
 Technologies supporting supply chain information systems – EDI, Bar coding, Freight information & tracking system, Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
 Conclusion of Supply chain Information system
 Recommendation for RFID uses
 References of Supply chain Information system


The report is written to analyze the <b>supply chain system</b> of Cambium-Forstbetriebe, a German logging company. The paper particularly addresses the usability of technology in <b>supply chain information system</b> with a descriptive analysis on Radio Frequency Identification or <b>RFID technology</b>. The paper also analyzes the significance of </b>RFID technology</b> for tracking woods across the wood <b>supply chain systems</b>. It also elaborates an extensive overview of the <b>supply chain system</b> along with the impact of information technology. Above all, the paper looks at the advantages and disadvantages of <b>RFID</b> system, and proposes its implementation on </b>supply chain information system</b>. After, analysing the pros and cons of <b>RFID technology</b>, final recommendations of going ahead with the <b>RFID technology</b> have been made to the competitors of Cambium-Forstbetriebe.<br />

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