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Business Communication report on Rip Curl, Australia

Number of Words : 3968

Number of References : 31


 Brief review of the company
 Business communication
 Types of communication used in today’s business world
 Business techniques used by Rip Curl
 Discussion about communication types used by Rip Curl
 Effects of social networking to potential customers
 Comparison between Rip Curl and Billabong


Rip curl international company is a retailer and a manufacturer of surfing sportswear, mountain wear, wetsuits, and snowboards. The international company also manufactures backpacks, board covers, wallets and board bags (Bloomberg, 2011). The company started in Australia, founded by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in 1969 (Speer, 2006, p. 37). According to Brw, (2009, p. 130), one year after the company started, the founders focused on production of wetsuits, which changed the diving technology into a wetsuit for surfing (Australian Institute, 2010). Rip Curl was well known as a board wear brand in Australia, South America, North America, and in Europe (Ibis, 2010). Rip Curl being the largest international brand in board wear is not a public company, but a private company with a Chief Executive Officer by the name of Francois Payot. Rip Curl international company sells its products to worldwide retailers and it has other operational stores in other parts of the world such as Israel, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, and Peru (Bloomberg, 2011).<br />

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